shopping for glasses

Why is it that every two years I experience the same difficulties when shopping for a new pair of glasses?

Hopefully this year is different… with my doctor’s appointment scheduled for next week I have hit up a few shoppes already trying to find the right frame(s).  If anyone has any cool shoppes they wish to share with me before next Tuesday, it is greatly appreciated!!!


6 comments on “shopping for glasses

  1. I got my glasses recently from Forever 2020 ( on James St. S. I think there’s a new store underneath it as well called Eye Candy Eyewear (

  2. Wow freaky timing! I was JUST at my Eye Doctor’s today too! I usually tend to buy directly from my doctor’s office (in Dundas) for frames – I can give you the contact info next week if you’d like. I will however keep YOU in mind for advice, perhaps you can recommend a great (better) shop for great frame finds to me when I go back in a month for my annual check up and to get new glasses too! Let me know how you make out.

  3. allaboutdot says:

    Thanks guys! I will definitely check these places out. The SALT brand has two retailers pretty close to me and I will check those ones out today. @countrygalbigcity I will keep you posted on any deals I find too.

    • They’re a tad pricey, but they’re just so nice.

      • allaboutdot says:

        I tried on a few pairs and they looked horrible on me. But the place i went too didn’t have the option to order from the catalog which I saw some cute ones BUT delivery time is far too long for me. Anyways, I found two nice pairs at Squint in Oakville. Oh and Laurier Optical in Oakville (Trafalgar & Dundas) has a sale on contacts (14 day wear – 20$ for a box of 6) until the end of January.

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