Lessons learned #SMRTCCE

When I walked into this class (#SMRTCCE) I wasn’t sure what I was going to get out of it.  The only social media tools I had used at that point was Facebook and I am amazed that I have a blog and tweet occasionally now.

My ultimate goal was to have my company utilize Social Media Tools to increase Marketing ROI.  But the problem is…..we don’t use ANY form of Social Media with respect to Marketing.  Old School….I know.

I have learned something new in each class.  I find I am learning a lot from the PR corner (AaronAnastasia and Danielle) who seem to be very Social Media savvy.  After I leave each class, I think about how I can apply what I learned today at work.  And I think I have a plan to start.

Here goes something…

1) Revamp the company’s Marketing goals and choose the “right” social media tool for implementing the goals (use the same platform)

2) Policy – Develop a Social Media Policy and implement it

3) Ensure the staff is trained on how to use the tools and how to respond to questions/comments etc.

I will have come closer to my goal by starting off in this direction.  Suggestions are welcome and I will keep you updated for sure!


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