Lessons learned….

So today is the last day of class and I’m ready to soak up all the information the Jedi Master will share with us tonight.  As a Padawan I am going to hold onto this and apply what I can in my “work life”

But wait…

In our last class what was the last lesson we learned?

“Don’t hang on too long, but don’t let go too soon.” -Morrie;  Tuesday’s With Morrie by Mitch Albom.

I find this quote from my favorite book a perfect fit.  Morrie’s lessons about life can be applied to anything….even Social Media.  I know it sounds strange but let me explain.

Social Media is changing how we do things on a daily basis.  I came to this class to learn “Social Medial Research Tools” and I think I got more out of this class than the “rubric” said I would.  My Prof explained over the past few months the foundations of developing and executing a Social Medial campaign and identifying the challenges from start to finish.  Yep….this sound easy develop a plan and go with it.

This is easier said than done.  Take this fish for example… will he make it to the bigger bowl?  What if the larger bowl had been set further away?  What if the glass in the small bowl was thicker or rounder clouding the fish’s perception and not being able to plan the perfect jump into the larger bowl?  All of these “what-if’s” are the big lesson.

The toughest part was trying to clearly identify the obstacles to make the perfect jump or execution of the Social Medial proposal.  Once these have been identified then you can proceed towards the desired output.  A quick tip that helped us was work backwards.

“output” point starting your to finish from backwards work right that’s yes  OR yes that’s right work backwards from finish to your starting point “output”

3. Identify what are your desired outcomes?

2. Identify what outputs might lead to those outcomes?

1. What inputs are necessary to get those outputs?

Ahhhhhh yes satisfaction achieving your desired output.

But wait there’s more….

As time passes the current Social Media tools we use to communicate with our customers and in our personal lives could be out of date.   So how do you stay current?  How do you avoid being the fish in the new bowl unaware of the changing surroundings?

  • be familiar with your market, the competition and what social media tools they are currently using
  • be familiar with the tools that are “coming up” that could be better utilized by your market to help communicate your company’s objectives and goals
  • and don’t forget to review and update the social media policies to help protect everyone involved

So what did I get that was over and above what the rubric said I would get?

I saw a very interesting video last class.  It was a Ted Talk video by Sherry Turkle called “connected but not alone”.  This blew my mind.  She asked the viewers “Are we losing the power of conversation?”  Communication (phone and face-to-face) is getting lost to the cyber community and being replaced by texts, tweets and blogs etc.  It’s true!

Sure it’s easier to send a text than to call someone, or to post a pic on someone’s Facebook page and tag them rather than arranging a date/time to meet up in person and have what used to be called (back in 2002) a cup of coffee.  Which meant a face-to-face conversation.  I know that sounds strange and it rarely happens these days but at the same time I remember getting together with friends at a local coffee shop and actually looking at the pictures I just had developed ON FILM PAPER and not texting other people during my coffee date with them.

I guess what I’m trying to recapture from Sherry’s talk but in my own words is find a way, make time, and don’t forget the importance of a great conversation over a cup of bad coffee.  It always gives you something to talk about the next you meet up.

To all the other Padawan’s in the SMRT class take what the Jedi Master has taught us and together we have made it to the next level …. Jedi Knights


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