I’m gonna be optimistic

So last night I went to visit Abby and I prepared myself for what I was going to see and say.  In all honesty I forgot everything and just started crying.  I didn’t even recognize her.  The good thing is… she was conscious 🙂 which means there’s hope!

I told her I didn’t know what to say and that I planned to tell her so many things but my mind went blank.  Then out of no where I just said “Hi…Hi Abby ka-dabby” and I got a slight smile out of her but at this point I will take anything.

I also began to tell her that I was sorry I hadn’t come sooner ~ in all honesty I heard she didn’t want visitors since she was down to 68lbs and I wanted to respect her wishes ~ but “F” that I am going to go back and see her.  I think she needs less crying in that room and more funny stories about the day to day clumsy and silly things that happen to me to get her mind off of the pain.

She also gave me two more smiles when I told her my dog says “Hi Auntie Abby” and that she got me into Toronto.  You see I have a fear of criminals and gang violence so I prefer not to venture downtown.  I think she tried to laugh because I heard a funny/coughing sound that came from the tube in her neck.

I will keep y’all posted on her recovery because yesterday just proved that there is hope.

Take care 😛


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