all about dot….what is Dot?

Dot is my beautiful Rottweiler.  She is 6 years old now and the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I will be posting…. a lot about my little girl and you will either get sick of it or enjoy my little stories hopefully.

By the way at work I have earned the nick name “dog lady” as in the typical “cat lady” at the office with tons of pictures of my dog, stories of my dog and tons of Rottweiler paraphernalia…..I get a kick out of seeing everyone laugh at my Rottweiler gear (mugs, socks, sweater, shirts, scarves etc).

Oh and the breed is not called a “Rottie” whenever I hear that I cringe like when you hear nails scraping a chalkboard.  For crying out loud….this breed is one of the oldest and most recognized herding breeds since the 19th century, and deserves the respect of the full breed name…. Rottweiler!

Here’s a pic of Dot at 11 weeks for her contest entry….she won and was the face of for a year in 2005.  I wish I had that made into a bumper sticker (lmao)

my baby


shopping for glasses

Why is it that every two years I experience the same difficulties when shopping for a new pair of glasses?

Hopefully this year is different… with my doctor’s appointment scheduled for next week I have hit up a few shoppes already trying to find the right frame(s).  If anyone has any cool shoppes they wish to share with me before next Tuesday, it is greatly appreciated!!!